Who am I?

 The purpose of my life: Saying thruths other people don`t dare to say

Wow, now this is a though one. To present yourself for anybody who wants to know. My name is Castor K. R and I live in Romania, the region of Transilvania to be more precis. i do the things I like in many cases, like acting, travelling, writng etc.  I make home videos and take a lot of photos. Some of them are  good. Here are some words that I think describe my personality. I am usually the classic Taurus. I`m calm, paceful (but don`t get me mad), loving, understanding, and my beliefs are rock solid.

I am a person of action, and it’s easy to get what I want.
Sensible and practical, I always, but sometimes I fly away, I keep both feet on the ground. I believe I am courageous and strong – little scares me. 
Very  stubborn, I don’t like change.

I am always ready to listen to people`s real problems and try to comfort them.

Although I have  a well developed sense of justice, i am very forgiving, but again, don`t make me mad!
And even though I`m  impressive and intimidating, I am also a lot of fun, when I`m with people I like. I am sensitive of others feelings and very loyal.
Sometimes, I do feel missunderstood. I like living my time, it`s like a hobby, a strange one.

I am expressive, open, brutally honest, realistic, romantic, empathic.

I always imagine how things can be better and hope that this is the future!

My turn ons: Sponatneity, Excitement, More than Tolerant!

My turn offs: Judgements, Dress codes and Speed Limits! (Just For Fun)

contact me any time at mail_castorkr@yahoo.com


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